Friday, November 25, 2016

Upcoming in December...

Join us for the Big Mouth Holiday Puppet Show on Sunday, December 4 @ 10am.    Share in the fun with the hilarious Big Mouth characters from Petra Puppets.  There's Itty Bitty Hippo, Turkey Opera, The Great Chimpini Monkey Magician, Plant Artiste Vincent DeVine,  Kevin the Carsick Rabbit (plus the amazing unknown talents of the audience)!  Tickets became available in late November.  Call for information about this
 laugh-out-loud family show!

On Monday December 5 @ 3:30pm, the Baking Coach will be here to help the children create 3 melting snowmen out of buttercream and fondant using assorted candy decorations.  Everybody goes home with their cookie creations in a box.  For grades 2 and up.  Limited registration begins Thursday, December 1. Call for details.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

On our way to 1,000 books!

Congratulations to our very first young patron to reach not only the 100 books read milestone but also the first to reach the 200 books read milestone!

Samantha keep reading and enjoying books on your fantastic journey to
 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten.

Reading Suggestions:
  • Have fun!  Reading should never be a chore.  It is an enjoyable time to bond with your child sharing stories both new and old.
  • Expose your child to a variety of stories, rhymes and songs. This introduces your child to new vocabulary and concepts. 
  • Don't forget non-fiction books count too! They are a fabulous way to learn about, and gain information on subjects or topics that interest them.
Keep reading! 
 Visit the Children's Room to show us your log and receive a reward at each 100 book milestone.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Join the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Program!  This free program encourages you and your child to enjoy 1,000 books together before your child starts kindergarten - a goal many experts say will help your children learn to read and succeed.  Just one book a day for a year equals 365 books, 730 books in two years, an 1,095 books in three years! 

Ongoing registration is for children from Birth through Age 5, not yet enrolled in kindergarten.
Visit the Children's Room and pick up your book log.  After logging 100 books your child will receive a prize and a reading log for the next 100 books.
A book can be read more than once - repeated reading of favorite books is encouraged!
Upon completion of the program your child will receive a special certificate.